Installing Maemo 5 SDK

I’m looking into understanding the Maemo 5 platform with the hopes of building some OSGeo applications for it in my spare time. So, yes, that likely means I won’t get far!

Here is my first hour’s progress getting this started on install the SDK on my Sidux Debian box.
These SDK install notes from are leading me.

  • Ensure the xserver-xephyr (debian) package is installed on my workstation.
  • Download installation application (python script), chmod a+x, then launch it via sudo. (screenshot)
  • Go through wizard, select standard installation, accept license… (screenshot,screenshot)
  • Not sure what this VDSO settings for scratchbox are all about, so will simply continue and check I Accept (screenshot)
  • Choosing defaults for installing Nokia apps, etc. Scroll down license agreement and enter the number code shown. Click Accept. (screenshot) Shows summary of installation, press install.
  • Several downloads begin.

Installer ran fine for about 15 minutes then stopped with message “Failed: 4/9 Installing SDK Targets” (screenshot) the log says to run sb-menu once before continuing. Not sure if the installer did that without me seeing, but I tried to run it manually. (sudo sb-menu) that failed the same way though. The wizard forces you to finish which really means give up 🙂

Rooting around in searches online I found someone with same trouble ran this: sudo sysctl abi.vsyscall32=0. Gee, hope that doesn’t break anything else on my system 🙂

  • Restarting installation picks up with “upgrading scratchbox” and continues well! (screenshot)
  • Noticed a few mime related error flying by a couple times.
  • After about 20 minutes it finished up successfully (screenshot), giving a few notes for what to do next. (screenshot)

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