PyQGIS Programmer’s Guide

I must confess, in all the years I’ve used QGIS I never did much of anything with the Python-QGIS API. ┬áBut now I can learn it

easily, and you can too, with the latest book from Locate Press:

PyQGIS Programmer’s Guide – Extending QGIS 2.x with Python

Written by Gary Sherman, the father of QGIS, you know it won’t be fluff!


  1. Introduction
  2. Python Basics
  3. Setting Up Your Development Tools
  4. The QGIS/Python Ecosystem
  5. Navigating the QGIS API
  6. Using the Console
  7. Running Scripts
  8. Tips and Techniques
  9. Extending the API
  10. Writing Plugins
  11. Creating a Development Workflow
  12. Writing a Standalone Application
  13. Answers to Exercises
  14. Appendix A: Installing Software
  15. Appendix B: Code Listings
  16. Appendix C: Porting Scripts to 2.0


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