See you in Denver, Sept 2011

For the past 6+ years that I’ve been involved, it’s been awesome to watch the FOSS4G conference grow, along with the (still relatively young) OSGeo mission. As with the past several years, this year the FOSS4G conference promises to be a little different yet very similar on the key points that make it a great place to meet likeminded friends, businesses, researchers and other users.

Our sponsorship program has been officially kicked off today, so for those who were waiting for more info: here it is. Our website is just starting to take form at

Note that there is a low (lower than last year at least) level for sponsors who just want to get their logo out there, with higher levels for those seeking even more great benefits.

Hope to see you there!

p.s. This year I can finally promise to have several copies of my book available for giveaways!

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