Spatialguru change on Twitter/Google Plus accounts

As a result of moving slightly away from “spatial” as a core focal area in my day-to-day work at – (I do way more with Hadoop than spatial these days),  I started a new Twitter account with a less domain specific name.

My original Twitter account was spatialguru – I still use it, but less often than before . Now I’m using 1tylermitchell instead.

When I started calling myself spatialguru it was a bit of an inside joke around our home, I didn’t think it would still around this long.  🙂 Anyway, follow my new account if you want to see more about what I’m reading, etc.

Similarly, I have tried to migrate my previous Google plus account – tmitchell.osgeo – to a new one here.  Add me to your circles and I’ll probably add you to mine if you aren’t already.

Now, what to do about this blog name.. hmm.. more to come.

— Tyler

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Tyler Mitchell

Product and marketing leader, author and technology writer in NoSQL, big data, graph analytics, and geospatial. Follow me @1tylermitchell or get my book from

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