Review of 3 Recent Internet of Thing (IoT) Announcements

Working in the big data and analytics space, I’m always interested in parts of the Internet of Things (IoT) that will produce more data, require more backend systems, and help users/customers get on with their day better.

The past week has shown a few interesting announcements relating to Internet of Things topics.  Here are just a few that jumped out to me, either because they inspired me or because I was left wondering what it would really mean.

TL;DR?  Summary: While IBM is “getting started” (oops, I meant “getting serious”) and Facebook has big plans to “take over”, Amazon comes out with a consumer focused solution.

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Amazon Dash Button – Concept and Article re: IoT use

I like this concept: “Just press and never run out”.   It’s the Amazon Dash Button:… – intended to be stuck onto appliances, basically retrofitting ones that don’t have them built in (in the future).  Pressing a button orders refills of products, just like Amazon one click ordering online.

Also read this article about how this fits into their overview vision for Internet of Things (IoT) at Amazon:…

What would you put a button on?  Scary or useful?

Amazon announces Dash Buttons
Amazon announces Dash Buttons


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