JDBC syntax for Matrix/Paraccel Driver

Need to “Perform Big Data Analytics at Massive Scale?”  The Actian Analytics Platform includes the Matrix high performance analytics database (formerly known as Paraccel).

I’ve seen some people asking online for what JDBC URL syntax is.  If you are using the JDBC driver be sure to read the README which gives the details:

The driver recognises JDBC URLs of the form: jdbc:paraccel:database

Also, you can supply both username and passwords as arguments, by appending them to the URL. For example:

1) If you are connecting to localhost or, you can leave the host out of the URL; that is, jdbc:paraccel://localhost/mydb can be replaced with jdbc:paraccel:mydb
2) The port defaults to 5439 if it is not specified.

Note that this driver works well with the Node.js JDBC module!


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