Parsing GPS with Arduino – retro-post

I dug up one of my oldest blog posts from about 7 years ago.  In the post, I show how I had connected my Garmin eTrex GPS receiver to an Arduino board and used it to control a camera in a desktop application.

After pumping the data into the Arduino, I parsed the raw GPS data coming from the eTrex and streamed it out to a Python app on the desktop, via a serial port.  I was using the output to position a virtual camera in the OSSIMPlanet platform by formatting XML in Python and sending it to a listener built into the OSSIMPlanet app.  (OSSIMPlanet is a sort of pre-Google Earth, Google Earth on steroids product.)

I haven’t used it for years, but thought some of the methods from this old post may still apply if you have an Arduino + GPS or Arduino -> Python streaming requirement.   Enjoy the flashback – I know it’s inspired me to pick up a new Arduino to continue where I left off.


GPS Controls OSSIMPlanet - With OSSIMPlanet’s nifty camera control and listener functionality, as demonstrated in my last post, you’ve got so many neat opportunities. A couple nights ago I got a basic GPS NMEA parser working. Here’s a pic of the ultra-professional connection method I use to hook it to my arduino board 🙂 Oops, just realised that the picture … Continue reading GPS Controls OSSIMPlanet

Two wires to hook an eTrex data cable up to the Arduino
Two wires to hook an eTrex data cable up to the Arduino

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