Code snippet: SPARQL Query Graph Density

Code snippet: SPARQL Query Graph Density

I’m testing out sharing SPARQL code snippets using Github Gist features. I’ll be adding more as I work through more graph-specific examples using SPARQLverse, but here is my first one:

Ideally we’d have a common landing place for building up a library of these kinds of examples.

Twitter cards made easy in WordPress

Just a note to self and others using WordPress – the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin did the trick to get Twitter cards working well – with only a couple clicks.   If you are tempted to hack your own HTML headers, you are going the wrong direction – follow this tutorial instead:

Thanks WPBeginner and Yoast!

Scripts to beat up Windows – using Powershell

This is just a shoutout to Luke Brennan’s Technet blog. This old post of his gave me some simple to use and easy to understand Powershell scripts for stress testing a Windows machine.

Saturate the CPU and fill up all your RAM easily:

Thanks for sharing Luke!

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