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5.0 out of 5 stars This book makes a great reference manual for using GDAL/OGR suite of command line …,
January 24, 2015 By Leo Hsu
“The GDAL Toolkit is chuckful of ETL commandline tools for working with 100s of spatial (and not so spatial data sources). Sadly the GDAL website only provides the basic API command switches with very few examples to get a user going with. I was really excited when this book was announced and purchased as soon as it came out. This book makes a great reference manual for using GDAL/OGR suite of command line utilities.
Several chapters are devoted to each commandline tool, explaining what its for, the switches it has, and several examples of how to use each one. You’ll learn how to work with both vector/(basic data no vector) data sources and how to convert from one vector format to another. You’ll also learn how to work with raster data and how to transform from one raster data source to another as well as various operations you can perform on these.”


“This is a great book for any GIS pro to get their hands dirty and learn how to use spatial tools to do some amazing things. The benefit of using the tools covered in this book (GDAL/OGR) is that you could learn to integrate these tools into other workflows, such as downloading the latest raster data for your organization on weekly basis and running the necessary tools against it.
The first part of the book is filled with some great examples to get you familiar with using these tools and the rest of the book covers the documentation of these tools in detail. This should be on every GIS pros bookshelf.”


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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolute Must Have Reference.
14 Feb. 2015 By SamFranklin
“I have been a GDAL/OGR user for about 3 years and have always struggled to find readable, entry-level GDAL documentation that provides simple examples which are well explained. This I feel this is a barrier to greater adoption of GDAL/OGR.
This book 100% fills this gap and is therefore required reading for GDAL novices and veterans alike. The book is split between “Common Tasks & Workflows” and then a comprehensive guide to all utilities. I read it cover to cover and picked a number of ideas and solutions to problems with existing workflows involving GDAL, for that alone, it’s easily worth buying. The first chapter provides links to sample data which is used throughout the book. This allows the reader to replicate every example which is great for learning trickier and lesser known utilities.Cannot recommend highly enough. Great job.”
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